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Don't know if this is possible, but I would notify PayPal or your Credit Card company about the change in shipping after the order has already been placed and accepted. Then state that you will not be paying the bill. Also, if they state that they would cancel the order, then you are not liable and your payment will be reimbursed. You can always find another model with another supplier.

Originally Posted by tailskid. But that cost was disclosed upfront. Send a private message to CafeenMan. Visit CafeenMan's homepage! Find More Posts by CafeenMan.

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I doubt that Graves is a scam. It's a tough business with slim profit margins. Probably a simple mistake or oversight. Last edited by flyer; at PM. Send a private message to flyer. Find More Posts by flyer. Don't be a bed wetter call them and work it out they are good people, I have had great service from them. Send a private message to ron a norman. Find More Posts by ron a norman. Send a private message to lopflyers. Find More Posts by lopflyers. Graves is probably one of the best, if not the best, hobby stores there is. They also list on each and every plane whether there is additional shipping, buyer oversight maybe?

As for the slamming them over your idea of a scam is total BS. There was a mistake, maybe, an oversight-probably, but at least they called to let you know instead of just waiting until you went calling wanting to know where your stuff was. And maybe we would have more compassion if you were less dramatic and had more than 6 post one of which is a dumb azz rant, and unwarranted at that. Send a private message to acerc.

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You had "the worst experience" of your life? I wish "another 32 dollars" was my worst experience in my life. Last edited by daveopam; at AM.

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Reason: personal bashing. Send a private message to Bozarth. Find More Posts by Bozarth. Send a private message to flycatch. Find More Posts by flycatch. My Feedback: 4. Most companies that offer free shipping state " Free standard shipping". That'a cheap. It isn't worth the hassle of arguing.

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Send a private message to drac1. Find More Posts by drac1. Last edited by wl7cpa; at AM. Send a private message to wl7cpa. Find More Posts by wl7cpa.

The thing about eCommerce it is is incredibly hard to code an eCommerce web site that exactly matches your business model. Any tiny special rule or exception can end up being hugely expensive to implement correctly. I see in post above that the oversize charge was clearly indicated. The lack of a good customer experience was likely the result of the eCommerce site logic not calculating the proper shipping site for the item.

It's sort of the toss up on the fault. The site should not have let the user check out with the wrong price but the user was also notifying that the item didn't qualify for free shipping. I'd say it's a bit of a mistake on both sides and call it a draw. Send a private message to learn2turn. Find More Posts by learn2turn. My Feedback: 2. Now I'm pissed off. There is always one bad Apple out of the bunch. Send a private message to ahicks. Find More Posts by ahicks. Send a private message to grosbeak. Visit grosbeak's homepage!

Find More Posts by grosbeak. I have dealt with Graves for over ten years, and never an issue. Just the opposite. Over the winter I was looking to change over all my planes OK, I only have seven, but to me, that's a bunch to my Futaba 7C transmitter. Still had four on my older Airtronics, non 2. Not wanting to take advantage of a possible web site error I needed four receivers I called to confirm the cost prior to placing the order.

I bought four units that day. If that isn't a first class organization, I don't know what is. Send a private message to Homer Find More Posts by Homer My Feedback: 9. I have dealt with Graves RC for over twenty years. Never ever a problem, in fact just the opposite.

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They always go out of their way to help. Now we have. You'll never be able to guess the things that come into Graves RC Hobbies throughout the week! Click the link to see many different colors and designs!

Graves RC Hobbies

Just a small portion of the new scale RC parts and accessories that we got in recently! It even has a fully functioning winch controlled by the transmitter! Do you like the winch, shovel, fire extinguisher, and grappling hook on his truck? Have you seen our vast selection of epoxy's, CA, and other glues? Thanks for the awesome photo, Leonardo Cruz! Send us your photos via email or Facebook Messenger! Not even Horizon Hobby? Well, we do!

Check it out below. How about this one for custom builds? We hate it when that happens! Our email is going out soon. Sign up now! Call for our inhouse prices on all lipos before you order online! The new mAh is a great alternative for the mAh 4 cell usually used in the Timber, Turbo Timber, and many others!

We buy used airplanes, cars, trucks, boats! Check out this F-4 Phantom we got this week. We make sure that when we repair something, it's fixed for good! Don't forget about our Instagram deal until the end of the month! See coupon post Www. Check it out and use this coupon while it lasts!

Code is valid for online use and for only one time. Code is not applicable with any other codes. Valid until June 1st. Good for one purchase only. Offer is subjected to changes without notice. More information at sales gravesrc. These bad boys are fresh on the website and look fantastic when mixed with one of our crawlers. Plus, they have fully functioning leaf springs! Check them out! Is that low enough? Nice flying Roderick Vargas Sr.! Send us your photos to be featured! A few pictures and videos from Monster Jam last weekend!


Does this spark any ideas for you? We've reached followers on Instagram! Don't miss out! Stock up today and get your Graves RC bling today! Do you ever notice the "RC Life" logo that is peppered throughout all of our social media? You could be rocking the look, too! Check out Eric Rodden's boat in action! Send us your photos to be featured on our page! Hope to see you at the next one!

Thanks to Daniel DiLuzio for the video! Find them in the links below! Come on by and see all of the current sales that are going on until the end of May! The all new P Airacobra 1.